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Modular UPS power supplies bring a wide range of benefits to equipment rooms, Not only does it simplify every process from initial planning to daily operations, it also significantly improves all major components of the business value of the data center, That is, scalability, availability, easy maintenance, and high efficiency. The UPS lithium battery storage approach is likely to have a greater impact on the future of the data center industry, as more and more enterprises look to adopt an open computation-based architecture and they will specify lithium batteries as the power supply unit for servers in the rack.
Lithium UPS solution in large centralized energy storage power station

Large-scale centralized energy storage power station is mainly used in large-scale photovoltaic power generation, large wind farms, hydropower generation, etc., generally with a capacity of more than MW, connected to 10KV (35KV) medium-high voltage power grid, acting as a peak regulation, frequency regulation, reactive power support power station, which contributes to the smooth output of new energy on the power generation side, UPS power supply helps solve the phenomenon of wind and light abandonment. To promote the storage and consumption of new energy, peak cutting and valley filling can be done in the power transmission and distribution side, improve the utilization rate of electric energy, which is conducive to external communication and internal smooth, and accelerate the construction of a modern energy storage and transportation network with multi-energy complementary.

Microgrid (networked) energy storage solution

The connected micro grid is mainly used in industrial and commercial parks, schools, communities and other large power grids. It connects to the user distribution network and realizes the complementary utilization of various renewable energy through the energy management system, providing the user with green energy with high reliability and high power quality. It has two solutions and operation modes, independent and grid-connected, and the UPS uninterrupted power supply can realize the power control of connecting points. Seamless switching, peak cutting and valley filling, grid support, reactive power compensation, smooth new energy output and other functions.

UPS LiFePO4 Battery 512V 50AH
UPS LiFePO4 Battery 512V 100AH