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Energy storage battery is an indispensable storage component of solar photovoltaic power generation system, its main function is to store the electric energy of the photovoltaic power generation system, and to supply power to the load in the absence of sunlight, night and emergency conditions. Commonly used energy storage batteries include lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, lithium batteries and super capacitors, which are respectively used in different occasions or products. At present, lead-acid battery is the most widely used, and lithium battery is the fastest developing.
GEL battery

Lead-acid battery has the characteristics of high energy conversion efficiency, strong safety, high cost performance, simple installation and maintenance, and is widely used in all kinds of energy storage and emergency power supply. Colloidal sealed lead battery, namely GEL battery, it is an improvement of the ordinary lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte, sulfuric acid electrolyte was replaced by colloidal electrolyte, further improvement has been made in safety, power storage, discharge performance and service life. The electrolyte exists in a colloidal state, filled in the diaphragm and between the positive and negative electrodes. The sulfuric acid electrolyte is surrounded by a gel and does not flow out of the battery.

GEL Battery Advantages

GEL batteries are less likely to leak acid, Electrolyte gel state. GEL battery has less water loss and will not be invalidated due to water loss. GEL battery effectively extends battery life and resists overcharge. The gel fills the space between the separator and the plate, reducing the internal resistance of the battery, As a result, charge acceptance is improved, so GEL batteries have better overdischarge, recovery and low-temperature charge and discharge performance than AGM batteries. Self-discharge performance is good, storage time can be extended more than 2 times. GEL battery has obvious anti-vulcanization performance in the case of severe power shortage, and in the late discharge performance is good.

12V 120Ah GEL Battery
12V 150Ah GEL Battery
12V 200Ah GEL Battery