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Lithium-ion batteries gradually replace lead-acid batteries with advantages such as small size, light weight, high energy density and low environmental pollution. Their applications in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, energy storage devices and other fields are gradually deepening, and their market scale is rapidly expanding. Lithium battery can be divided into three categories according to the application field: consumer battery, power battery and energy storage. Consumer battery has gone through a relatively complete industrial development cycle. Power battery has risen rapidly in the past ten years, and energy storage battery can be extended in the future.
The advantage analysis of power lithium ion battery

Power lithium-ion batteries have a very high voltage, power lithium-ion batteries can reach three times the voltage of nickel cadmium batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, or twice the voltage of lead-acid batteries, so power lithium-ion batteries are very high energy. In addition, the power lithium-ion battery is very light weight, although the power of lithium-ion battery is very large, two to three times as much as other batteries, but its weight is only one third to one fourth of the lead acid battery, so the power lithium-ion battery consumes relatively less resources than other batteries. Power lithium-ion batteries have a long life and can be cycled 1,000 to 4,000 times, No memory effect, with the use of charge, power lithium ion battery no matter how much power remaining, can be charged at any time to use. And it doesn’t affect the life of the power lithium-ion batteries. Power lithium-ion batteries are also called green batteries because there are no toxic substances in the materials they are made from.

Advantages of lithium battery energy storage

Driven by strong social development demand and huge potential market, lithium-ion battery energy storage technology is developing in the direction of large-scale, high efficiency, long life, low cost and no pollution. Lithium-ion battery energy storage is currently the most feasible technology route. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are preferred for energy storage because of their high energy density, long life and high safety. Lithium ion battery, green environmental protection, energy storage and other advantages are very significant, has become an important supporting UPS power supply for various advanced energy storage products. The long life design of lithium-ion batteries will greatly reduce the cost of battery replacement and maintenance burden.

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