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The three major areas of energy storage are: large-scale wind and solar energy storage, backup power supply for communication base stations, and home energy storage. Lithium batteries are playing an increasingly important role in all of these areas, GREBATT ENERGY with solutions in these three areas, here we mainly introduce our home energy storage solutions. Driven by the demand of social development and huge market, lithium battery energy storage technology is developing towards the direction of large-scale, high efficiency, long life, low cost and no pollution. Lithium battery energy storage is the most feasible technology route at present.
GREBATT ENERGY Home energy storage solutions

Lithium iron phosphate battery has relatively high energy density, long battery life and high safety performance, so it is the first choice of energy storage battery. GREBATT ENERGY Home energy storage solutions adopt the lithium iron phosphate battery scheme ensures the high safety, stability and reliability of the battery, Built-in high-quality intelligent battery management system to ensure the safety of the battery pack and each battery unit, at the same time, it supports communication with mainstream inverters on the market, and works better with inverters and photovoltaic panels. In terms of design and development, we make home energy storage more inclined to home electronics, intelligence and integration, make home energy storage more beautiful, more durable, more secure and easier to install and maintain.

GREBATT ENERGY Home energy storage solutions

GREBATT ENERGY home energy storage solutions, we have power wall series, stacked series, integrated series, designed to be beautiful, safe and durable, give customers more and better home energy storage solutions to choose from. As a home energy source, the most important safety and reliability, we use high quality, high safety lithium iron phosphate cells, the battery management system is designed and developed to protect the safety of the battery pack, also designed circuit protection, modular design, it can ensure the stability and safety of the batteries, easy to install, expand and maintain. We try our best to provide customers with more inverter, battery pack choice.

Powerwall Battery
Stackable LiFePO4 Battery
Stacked Power Wall
Integrated Inverter Energy Storage