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Service life of solar GEL battery

    Generally speaking, with 25 degrees as the base, every 10 degrees increase, the life span is reduced by half.

    Charging conditions, if often undercharge, charge less put more, then it will soon “broken”, a single cycle of charging should be more than 1.2 times the amount of discharge.

    Discharge depth, such as each time only released 30% of the actual capacity of the battery, can cycle more than 1500 times, that is, about 4 years, but if each time in 80% DOD, only more than a year, 100% DOD about 1 year.

    Lead acid battery scrap reasons and performance:

    There are factors of the intrinsic quality of the battery, but also the use of the battery method and occasion factors, but more than 80% or because of the electrochemical reaction principle of the lead-acid battery itself. A battery is a power source that can carry out a reversible charging-discharge reaction. After discharge, the material in the battery is converted into a crystal called lead sulfate, which is converted into lead and sulfuric acid after charging, so that the reversible reaction is achieved. However, when the reaction conditions are not complete and sufficient, it is impossible for lead sulfate to be completely transformed, resulting in the accumulation of lead sulfate, thereby reducing the number of substances involved in the reaction, which is reflected in the output of the battery, that is, the capacity of the battery is getting less and less, and eventually the battery will lose its basic function and become a waste. This phenomenon of lead-acid batteries is known as “vulcanization” .

    GEL lead-acid battery is an improvement of common lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte. It replaces sulfuric acid electrolyte with colloidal electrolyte, and improves the safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life compared with ordinary battery.

    GEL lead-acid battery gel-like electrolyte, no internal free liquid exists, under the same volume of electrolyte capacity, heat capacity, heat dissipation ability is strong, can avoid the general battery easy to produce thermal runaway phenomenon; The electrolyte concentration is low, the corrosion of the plate is weak; The concentration is uniform and there is no electrolyte stratification.

    GEL lead-acid battery performance is better than that of valve-control sealed lead-acid battery, colloid lead-acid battery has the use of stable performance, high reliability, long service life, temperature adaptability to the environment (high and low temperature), take a long time discharge capacity, cycle discharge capacity, depth of discharge and large current discharge ability is strong, have to over charge and discharge protection, etc.

    GEL lead-acid battery after a period of time the colloidal began to dry and shrink, produce cracks, oxygen through the cracks directly to the negative plate for oxygen circulation. Exhaust valve is no longer often open, colloidal lead-acid battery close to sealing work, water loss is very little.

    Excellent characteristics of GEL battery

    1. It can significantly extend the service life of the battery 2-3 times.
    2. The self-discharge performance of GEL lead-acid battery has been significantly improved. Under the same sulfuric acid purity and water quality conditions, the storage time of the battery can be extended more than 2 times.
    3. GEL lead-acid battery in the case of serious lack of power, anti – vulcanization performance is obvious.
    4. GEL lead-acid battery in the case of severe discharge recovery ability.
    5. GEL lead-acid battery resistance to overcharge ability strong, through the two lead-acid battery (a GEL lead-acid battery, a valve-control sealed lead-acid battery) also repeated several times of charging test, GEL lead-acid battery capacity decline more slowly, and valve-control sealed lead-acid battery because water loss too fast, its capacity decreased significantly.
    6. The later discharge performance of GEL lead-acid battery is improved obviously.

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