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12V/24V LiFePO4 Battery

GREBATT ENERGY — The LiFePO4 battery we make can realize series and parallel function, Can be applied to RV, Marine, Golfcarts, Solar, Built-in high quality BMS. Support customized Bluetooth function, heating function, size customization, shell customization to meet different usage scenarios.

Rack Power Storage

GREBATT ENERGY — Built-in intelligent BMS, with communication function, Supports 16pcs parallel connections, Can communicate with a variety of well-known brand inverter on the market. Suitable for home energy storage, telecom backup power supply, solar energy storage, wind energy storage, data centre energy storage power supplies.

Power Wall Battery

GREBATT ENERGY — Power wall adheres to the high quality route and is committed to providing high safety products for home energy storage, Power wall also deep cycles, and providing green energy and economic benefits for the home. Can communicate with a variety of well-known brand inverter on the market, support parallel.

Stackable LiFePO4 Battery

GREBATT ENERGY — Stacked lithium iron phosphate battery systems provide more options for home energy storage, The stack system stores more energy, The appearance is more consistent with being placed indoors, It saves a lot of space. Can work with other well-known brand inverter, can also be integrated inverter more aesthetic.

Solar GEL Battery

GREBATT ENERGY — GEL battery is a more conventional battery, Compared with ordinary lead-acid batteries, GEL batteries have longer life and better quality, Compared with lithium batteries, GEL batteries are much cheaper, Our GEL batteries use new high quality materials, top of the line equipment and process, Excellent cost performance.

Energy Storage System

GREBATT ENERGY — Integrated lithium iron phosphate energy storage battery and inverter, More independent and innovative in appearance, Applications are also more convenient, providing more options for home energy storage. Built-in high-quality intelligent BMS, to provide high security for home energy storage, It can also be called an all-in-one machine.

UPS Lithium Battery

GREBATT ENERGY — UPS lithium batteries are widely used in many applications, such as Modular data center, communication base station. UPS lithium battery adopts modular design, the system structure is extremely elastic, It not only meets the needs of the later equipment expansion, but also reduces the initial purchase cost.

Forklift LiFePO4 Battery

GREBATT ENERGY — The lithium batteries we developed for forklifts provide maximum safety and integration to maintain the overall quality and reliability of forklifts. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are maintenance-free and fast-charging, It’s more efficient and safer.

Lithium Cells

GREBATT ENERGY — Different application scenarios, different solutions need to use different lithium battery cells, such as 18650 cells, 21700 cells, 32700 cells, prismatic cells, Which distinguish power cell and energy storage cell. High quality cell is the base of battery pack quality, The quality of the cell should be strictly controlled.