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How to distinguish the quality of lead-acid battery

    Lead-acid battery is widely used in people’s lives, such as electric vehicle battery, forklift battery, UPS backup battery, energy storage battery, etc. Plays a pivotal role in various fields. If you choose improperly, the battery life will be greatly discounted, bringing you significant losses.

    1. according to the use of choice

    First of all, Determine the battery usage scenario. If you use power battery, such as use electric vehicle battery, forklift battery, etc. you need to instantly output a lot of current, you must choose special electric vehicle battery, forklift battery, this kind of battery formula is more suitable for high current charge and discharge, high cycle life; If it is the role of backup battery use, to choose industrial lead battery, this kind of battery is suitable for shallow charge shallow discharge, charging is generally online floating charge, high cycle life; For the selection of energy storage batteries, lead-carbon batteries are generally selected. This battery increases the proportion of C in the negative lead paste and is suitable for fast charging. Compared with other batteries, it has a relatively high service life.

    2. Select according to the required driving mileage, backup time and capacity of the front stage system

    After the purpose of the battery is determined, the specific requirements, such as the expected driving range of the electric vehicle, the standard voltage and the maximum allowable battery volume, are further determined, and the professional personnel are entrusted to equip the battery according to the above data. If it is a backup battery, the backup time, load capacity and other data should be provided; If it is an energy storage battery, it is necessary to provide the capacity of the front panel, the fan, the discharge time and other data. With the above requirements, the technical staff of the battery factory can select the appropriate battery for you.

    3. according to the weight of the battery

    After determining the use and demand, we should to choose well-known brand of battery, relatively speaking, the quality and after-sales are more guaranteed. Generally speaking, the life of the battery can be judged according to its weight. The main raw material of the battery is lead. The proportion of lead is high and the battery is heavy. The same capacity of the battery, the heavier the weight, the higher the amount of lead, relatively more corrosion resistance, life is also higher.

    4. according to the open-circuit voltage to judge the quality of the battery

    The open-circuit voltage of the battery has a great relationship with the proportion of the internal acid. Different series of batteries with the same capacity, the higher the open-circuit voltage, the higher the proportion of sulfuric acid after formation, the less corrosion resistant, and the shorter the battery life.

    5. according to the battery open-circuit voltage difference to judge the quality of the battery

    For the same battery group, measure the open-circuit voltage, which is generally controlled within 20mV. The smaller the better. If there are batteries out of range, it is better to remove them to ensure the consistency of the battery group and ensure the reliability of battery life.

    6. Observe the decline of the open-circuit voltage of the battery

    If the situation allows, you can observe the change of battery terminal voltage during the standing period of the battery. The faster the decline, the worse the purity of the internal metamaterials, the faster the battery self-discharge, and the worse the relative life.

    Know the use and requirements, as far as possible to choose heavy, small voltage difference in the group, small self-discharge battery. The length of battery life, in addition to the above factors, but also affected by some other factors, such as: internal assembly, welding process, battery maintenance, use of environmental temperature and other factors. You need to talk to the battery technician more.

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