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Influence of ambient temperature on lead-acid battery

    Among all the environmental factors, temperature has the greatest influence on the charging and discharging performance of lead-acid batteries. Influence of temperature on internal resistance: When the battery is powered off at the ambient temperature of 0 ° C to 30 ° C, the internal … Read more

    Service life of solar GEL battery

      Generally speaking, with 25 degrees as the base, every 10 degrees increase, the life span is reduced by half. Charging conditions, if often undercharge, charge less put more, then it will soon “broken”, a single cycle of charging should be more than 1.2 times the … Read more

      Service life and maintenance precautions of solar battery

        The task of solar battery group is to store energy, so as to ensure the load electricity at night or rainy days. At present, the solar battery widely used in China is mainly lead-acid maintenance-free battery and GEL battery. A. solar battery overview Solar battery … Read more

        Factors affecting the service life of lead-acid batteries

          1. The depth of discharge Discharge depth refers to the point at which discharge begins to stop during use. 100% depth refers to the full capacity of discharge. The life of lead-acid battery is greatly affected by discharge depth. Design considerations focus on deep recycling, … Read more

          How to distinguish the quality of lead-acid battery

            Lead-acid battery is widely used in people’s lives, such as electric vehicle battery, forklift battery, UPS backup battery, energy storage battery, etc. Plays a pivotal role in various fields. If you choose improperly, the battery life will be greatly discounted, bringing you significant losses. 1. … Read more